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Rodriguez Bakery

Family Owned Since 1955

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Our story starts back in 1955 in Eagle Pass Texas, where our father, grandfather, and friend Francisco "Pancho" J. Rodriguez Sr. founded his first Panaderia (Bakery). 

The Rodriguez family then moved to the small, farming town of Nyssa, Oregon where Francisco and his wife Maria Del Carmen started Rodriguez Bakery.   He started as a one-man operation; making the Pan Dulce (Mexican pastries) in the morning and providing door-to-door deliveries for the local community in the afternoon. 

Word spread and business grew. Francisco, Carmen, their youngest son Marco, and daughter-in-law Becky started to package and sell the Pan Dulce in grocery stores around the Treasure Valley area; being one of the first to do so.

Francisco passed away in 1995, Carmen in 2008, but their legacy and company still lives on through Marco and Becky Rodriguez.



We pride ourselves in our authentic and homemade taste in our products.   Our pastry recipe has been passed down to us from the Maestro - our Founder - Francisco, more commonly known as Pancho.  All our pastries are made from scratch and by hand.  It's a dying art and a labor of love.  


Our tortillas are also made from a scratch recipe that we personally formulated.  We wanted to give you a tortilla with that delicious homemade taste and texture.  A tortilla that tastes like a tortilla is supposed to taste.  One that your Abuela (grandma) or mom made.  Authentic.  Homemade. Fresh from us to you using only the finest high quality ingredients.  

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Why Buy Local? 

When you buy local, you are getting a fresher product.  Our products are produced and in your local store within days.  Our tortillas and pastries are authentic in texture and taste.   When you buy local, you are supporting local families - some that you might even know.  We deeply care about our product - and more importantly - we care about you.  Thanks for buying local. 




1510 NW 17th St.

Fruitland, ID  83619

Mon - Fri    7 am to 4:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday  Closed



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