In this box you will find,

1- 15 count 8"

1- 8 count 8"

1- 12 count 6" whole grain

1- 12 count 6" 

Family Box - Fresh flour tortillas

  • This box includes a variety of four different counts and sizes of tortillas. We offer our taco size whole grain, great for the health minded taco eater. We also have a 12 count regular tortilla in the taco size as well as an 8" tortilla in a 15 and 8 count. 


    With no added sugars, less carbs, less sodium and less calories-- these are for you!


    If you are having a few for dinner and need to store the rest, we do recommend that you refrigerate them so that they last longer. They also freeze very well! We put very little preservative in these so they will not last very long on the counter. In order to guarantee the homemade taste, we must put as little preservative in them as possible. These tortillas are not offered just anywhere. We do sell them to local grocery stores in Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming. If you are not local to this area, online ordering is the way to go. We pride ourselves in the taste and texture of our tortillas. We use high quality ingredients and these are made the same day that they are shipped.